Suburban Legend (cld)

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Release: 15-09-2023

Suburban Legend is an exploration into the lives of siblings, Austin and Taryn, and their shared experiences growing up together in the suburbs of Minneapolis. Exploring the parallels of being a rambunctious teen, longing to escape the suburban culture desert of identical beige houses. And being an adult, trapped in the mundane world of the 9-5, longing to escape the gray cubicles to pursue your passions. The “Suburban Legend” is the one that gets out, breaks the cycle, and makes something more of their life. That’s exactly what we’re trying to do with this record. The sound harkens back to 2000’s alternative indie-rock and beyond, with inspirations like Weezer, The Killers, and the Cure. Packed with explosive high energy songs, and hooks that will reach out and grab you. The lyrics are intellectual, sprinkled with humor, and always telling a story.


  • 01. Coming of Age
  • 02. Who’s Laughing Now
  • 03. Hasta La Vista Baby
  • 04. Tko
  • 05. Worse For Wear
  • 06. I’m Fine (No Really)
  • 07. Mall Rat
  • 08. Little Bit Lonely
  • 09. Losers Club
  • 10. Trauma Queen
  • 11. Suburban Legend
  • 12. Encore