Faust Tapes

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  • A1 Several Hands On Our Piano
  • A2 Don’t
  • A3 Flashback Caruso
  • A4 Voices And Trumpet And All
  • A5 J’ai Mal Aux Dents
  • A6 Beim Nächsten Ton Ist Es…
  • A7 Two Drums, Bass, Organ
  • A8 Dr. Schwitters Intro
  • A9 Several Hands On Our Piano (Continued)
  • A10 Beam Me Up, Scotty
  • A11 Elerimomuvid
  • A12 Dr. Schwitters (Continued)
  • A13 Have A Good Time, Everybody
  • A14 Above And Under Our Piano
  • B1 Hermanns Lament
  • B2 Donnerwetter
  • B3 Was Ist Hier Los?
  • B4 Rudolf Der Pianist
  • B5 Ricochets
  • B6 I’ve Heard That One Before
  • B7 Watch Your Step
  • B8 Under Our Piano Again
  • B9 Fluid Chorus
  • B10 Stretch Out Time
  • B11 Der Baum
  • B12 Chère Chambre