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Release: 22-03-2024

Habitants breathes new life into the genre of trip-rock with their contemporary sound. The Dutch band, founded by René Rutten of The Gathering, release their highly anticipated second album: ‘Alma.’

Produced by Attie Bauw, ‘Alma’ invites listeners on an inner journey, exploring the complexity of human existence in all its facets. The nine tracks form an intriguing blend of alternative rock, trip-rock, and dark wave. With grand and melancholic atmospheric melodies, the enchanting ethereal voice of vocalist Anne van den Hoogen (Rosemary & Garlic), and the mesmerizing reverb guitars of René Rutten (founder of The Gathering), Habitants guide you through surreal worlds.

‘Alma’ (Spanish for ‘soul’) narrates the story of a woman grappling with the diverse aspects of her being. Balancing between vulnerability and strength, this dynamic is playfully reflected in numerous vocal layers and guitar sounds. Simultaneously, she candidly exposes her inner struggles. Alma may invite you to ride the waves of life, as heard in the track ‘Youth,’ while at other times, she plunges you deep into a sea of loneliness, evident in ‘If I Knew.’ Fearless in love, as depicted in ‘Future You,’ yet soaked in shame in ‘Cod Fishing’ the next moment. Unfortunately, Alma is human. Or is she? This intriguing question lies at the heart of ‘The Waiting Room.’

The debut album ‘One Self’ (2018) established Habitants as an emerging force in the alternative music scene, garnering worldwide acclaim. The band performed various club shows in the Netherlands and graced festivals such as Bruis, Booster, and Oranjepop. Sonically situated somewhere between Massive Attack, MONO, and Portishead, Habitants, comprising three women and two men, includes Anne van den Hoogen and René Rutten, along with guitarist Gema Pérez, bassist Mirte Heutmekers, and drummer Jérôme Miedendorp De Bie.