Harmonia & Eno ’76 (2LP)

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Remastered edition!


(Future) Members of Neu! und Cluster

Michael Rother reflects for the Uncut magazine in February 2016:
“Eno came to a Harmonia concert in 1974. We were introduced, and he joined in after the break. When he told us about his understanding of our music it was clear he was listening to all our stuff. He told us he discussed our music with David Bowie, which flattered us, of course.And we thought ‘Oh, at least someone is paying attention’ as we weren’t spoilt with compliments at the time. We invited Brian to visit us, but that didn’t happen ’til two years later when he was on his way to see Bowie in Switzerland. He came to visit us in Forst and stayed for 11 or 12 days. There was no intention to record an album, it was just a private visit of this interesting gentleman with a lot of theories. We took walks, played ping-pong and sometimes we were in the studio. Sometimes only one of us went with Brian, I remember he once treated my guitar and sent it through his small synth, and I really enjoyed that – though I don’t think it has been released. And sometimes we all gathered in the studio and switched on the tape machine and just let minutes go by. We were just enjoying ourselves. I remember we did not talk about producing an album, it was just recording, recording, recording. I think we had 40 sketches, sometimes only 40 seconds, sometimes longer. Of course the idea was that Brian would return to Forst, but then things went a different way [selected tracks from the sessions were eventually released 19 years later].”