Here The Captain Speaking, The Captain Is Dead


Flux Capacitor (red)

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Follow the cosmic journey of the Valencians, HERE THE CAPTAIN SPEAKING, THE CAPTAIN IS
DEAD and “Flux Capacitor”, their second LP and a continuation of their self-titled debut.
A darker and more intense work than its predecessor, combining spatial coldness, repetitive motorik
with trance-inducing rhythms and a definitive bridge between the seventies and some indeterminate
point in our near future.
Its 5 songs ooze Space Rock and Kraut throughout every second of the 42 minutes duration, with
lysegric echoes of Amon Düül, Hawkwind’s mental overflow and the repetition of Neu! under the
watchful eye of a danceable Föllakzoid.
Lending ourselves to the use of spatial metaphors that the band so often references, one could say
that their first work was a rather pleasant and safe walk across a known solar system. “Flux Capacitor”
on the other hand is a trip to the outer edges of some distant nameless galaxy; a wild and dark
pilgrimage through deep space where we find ourselves with visions of cosmic masses so vast that
they will remain impregnated in our memory forever.