Hirsch, Scott


Ghost Of WIndless Day

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2022/2023 Album. Expected: 01-07-2023

Set for release Oktober 2022, the test pressing proved to be faulty, but here it finally is.

On the one year anniversary of Scott Hirsch’s Windless Day comes Ghost of Windless Day.

The new LP enters a parallel dream state that stands beside and augments the original record. On the nine track journey, Hirsch reimagines and re-contextualizes several original tracks.

The LP also includes tangential unreleased songs that were part of the sonic journey and emotional landscape created during the making of the original record.

The record exists both as a standalone statement, and as an accompanying counterpart to its predecessor. Ghost of Windless Day is the shadow of the echo of Windless Day, and one would not have come into existence without the other.