Antidote (red)

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Morcheeba’s The Antidote is a special one. It is the album which features Daisy Martey on vocals, who replaced Skye Edwards. Martey´s psychedelic influences were added to Morcheeba´s standard mix of soul, hip hop, country and electronics. In addition, The Antidote was recorded live altogether and features furthermore “Wonders Never Cease” and “Everybody Loves A Loser”.

Available as a limited edition of 2000 individually numbered copies on translucent red vinyl.


1. Wonders Never Cease
2. Ten Men
3. Everybody Loves a Loser
4. Like a Military Coup
5. Living Hell

6. People Carrier
7. Lighten Up
8. Daylight Robbery
9. Antidote
10 God Bless and Goodbye