Night Demon


Night Of The Demon

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Release: 25-03-2022 (C 2020)

The point is simple: These songs deserve a wider release than the collector’s edition 7” vinyl treatment they received in 2020. To that end, Year of the Demon compiles these prized tracks in one place for all to enjoy. The package is rounded out by stunning cover artwork created by Don Phury. Ultimately, Year of the Demon is aptly named because it captures a year in the life of NIGHT DEMON, a year in the life of us all, unlike anything any of us had ever experienced before. It is a snapshot, a permanent marker, of that moment in time.


  • 01. Empires Fall
  • 02. Kill the Pain
  • 03. Are You Out There
  • 04. Vysteria
  • 05. In Trance (Live Feat. Uli Jon Roth)
  • 06. Fast Bikes
  • 07. 100 Mph Feat. Tim Baker (Cirith Ungol)
  • 08. The Sun Goes Down
  • 09. Wasted Years (Live)
  • 10. Top of the Bill (Live Feat. Uli Jon Roth)