Shadow Lizzards


Someone’s Heartache (Gatefold/cld)

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2nd album by The Shadow Lizzards from Nuremberg. They describe their style as “vintage rock” – a fitting term for the 60s and 70s-influenced sound, which is composed of elements such as classic Hard or Blues Rock as well as Psychedelic sounds. The songs captivate with powerful, rough charm, which did not try to hide the proximity to the role models from the past, but just as contemporary stars of the blues and retro rock scene, such as the British The Brew.


  • 1. Stardust
  • 2. You Can’t Runaway From Your Soul
  • 3. Ricochet
  • 4. Someone’s Heartache
  • 5. No One Can Save Me
  • 6. Train Song
  • 7. Who is Who
  • 8. Home or Lost