24-Carat Black


Gone: The Promises Of Yesterdays

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FINALLY AVAILABLE AGAIN. Must Have Lounge-Funk which inspired the likes of Angie Stone, Alicia Keys, Moloko (their ‘day for night’ is a rip off of “i’ll never let you go”)

Embraced in the early ’90s by Britain’s rare groove scene and later sampled by Digable Planets and Jay-Z, Ghetto: Misfortune’s Wealth has since been known as 24-Carat Black’s first and final chapter, barely a footnote in the well documented history of Stax. For 35 years, the sketches for 24-Carat Black’s sophomore release hibernated in keyboardist and session engineer Bruce Thompson’s basement below the south side of Chicago. Abandoned by arranger Dale Warren when the studio bill darkened his mailbox, the tapes, over decades, had fallen into soggy disrepair, useless save for the six tracks featured on our release. Gone: The Promises Of Yesterday is by no means a sequel to Ghetto: Misfortune’s Wealth—missing are the poignant and bleak sermons on the pain of inner-city existence, replaced by dusky, sensuous re-workings of tainted love songs Warren had written as far back as 1965, during his time as a songwriter at Shrine and Motown. Still, his unfinished self-reinvention, even heard through the prism of these skeletal remnants, delivers on a remarkable purity of vision: one man’s corner of black culture, 24 carats pure and mishandled perhaps until now, finally a bit less misunderstood.


The Best Of Good Love Gone
I Want To Make Up
I Don’t Love You
I’ll Never Let You Go

Gone Are The Promises Of Yesterday
I Begin To Weep