Adams, Ryan


Big Colors (red + 7″)

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Ryan Adams in his own words:

“Big Colors is the soundtrack to a movie from 1984 that exists only in my soul. It’s a cliché inside a watercolor painting of neon blue smoke rising up off summer streets in the night. It’s the most New York California album I could cut loose from my musical soul, and for me as both a guitar player and songwriter, this is the zenith point dream time. While I won’t be able to match this album for its depth and broad color forms in the future, this is the sound of my soul and a door to a place I’ll be returning to again. The treasures in our past are the shamanic visions of the future when the destination is dream zone 3000. This is that. I’m only dreaming in Big Colors now”.

– LP –
A1 Big Colors
A2 Do Not Disturb
A3 It’s So Quiet, It’s Loud
A4 Fuck The Rain
A5 Manchester
A6 What Am I

B1 Power
B2 I Surrender
B3 Showtime
B4 In It For The Pleasure
B5 Middle Of The Line
B6 Summer Rain
– Single –
A. Anybody Evil
B. The Opposite Of Love