Halo Effect


Days Of The Lost (black green)

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Release: 23-06-2023

THE HALO EFFECT are 5 old friends, 5 pioneers of the Gothenburg melodeath scene:
Lead guitarists and melodic death-slingers Niclas Engelin and Jesper Strömblad, lead singer and lyricist Mikael
Stanne, supported by the solid backbone and foundation of bassist Peter Iwers, and his partner in crime for
twenty plus years, hard-hitting drummer Daniel Svensson. “Days Of The Lost” celebrates the Gothenburg sound in almost 41 minutes that fly by.


  • 01. Shadowminds
  • 02. Days of the Lost
  • 03. The Needless End
  • 04. Conditional
  • 05. In Broken Trust
  • 06. Gateways
  • 07. A Truth Worth Lying For
  • 08. Feel What I Believe
  • 09. Last of Our Kind
  • 10. The Most Alone